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The slaughtering of bio-animals

The following clip of SOKO Tierschutz from 2017 shows the normal dying in a rural slaughterhouse. Many people think that "meat from the neighbourhood" is good meat. Here we see the end of the short lives of bio-animals.

Bio-Slaughtering = Conventional Slaughtering

The following two videos come from a "rural butcher shop" as well. Both conventional and bio-labeled slaughters take place there. The procedure is not different. There are no special EC-ecological-regulations for slaughtering. Bio-animals die the same way their conventional comrades die.

Pig slaughter:

Cattle slaughter:

The bio-dying

About 746 Million animals were slaughtered in Germany in 2010 – the estimated 20 Million rabbits, Billions of fish and other sea-life and an unknown number of game are not included. It doesn't matter if "conventional" or "bio", their end is just brutal. They had not been considered as feeling individuals during their life, they just end up as anonymous part of a ton of meat in the slaughterhouse after a mostly very short life. The transport is already torture. Waiting before their slaughtering they live stress and pain, hear the screams of their comrades and see their death.

The anesthesia methods

The animals must get dazed before the slaughtering in order to disable their pain sensation. Pigs usually get dazed with electricity or gas, bigger animals like cows with a bolt shot in the head, poultry is put upside down with the head into conducting water.

Bleeding to death

All slaughtered animals shall bleed to death after cutting their carotid – so they are not dead at all when the slaughtering starts. In the best case they are sufficiently dazed. Investigations in slaughterhouses have revealed however that not only the dazing often fails, but the animals are even boiled out and carved alive because they have not yet bled to death before the slaughtering starts. The dazing is often failing both in big slaughterhouses and in rural butcher shops. Many animals are fully aware of how their carotid gets cut with a knife. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.



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