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Saving lives

Looking for happiness

If it was a biological necessity for us to eat animals and "their products", we'd find ourselves in the moral duty to optimize the farm animal husbandry towards a better, best possible animal life. "Organic" animal husbandry has been such a try – that cannot work as even the smartest organic farmer can't make profit out of it. But luckily we don't need any animal products for a fulfilling life.

There is no meat from happy animals, only from dead ones

The consumption of meat, milk and eggs is no vital necessity, but luxury, habit – and superfluous. We abuse, torture and kill animals because our taste is trained for it, because we get used to it from childhood on and because we consider it as sign of prosperity – but not because it is necessary.

Life saving measures

The average German eats throughout his and her life about 1000 broilers, 50 pigs, 50 turkeys, 5 cows, 5 sheep, 50 geese and ducks and uncountable fish and sea animals. So you can still safe a lot of lives with knife and fork. The change to an animal-, climate- and environment-friendly vegan alimentation that is also good for your health has never been as easy as today.

You can find advice and help to change here: www.v-heft.de.

"Be yourself the change that you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi



Alternatives to organic animal husbandry:


Karen Duve, bestseller author:

"There is no meat from happy animals, only from dead ones"

Karen Duve



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